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    Good day, 

    On the bulletin board the information states that you can top up online for printing by using a credit or debit card. 

    As International student only allowed the 20 hour working per week as regulated by our visa's we do not qualify for a credit card and thus only have a debit / cheque card (eftpos). 

    When going online as per the information on the bulletin board there is only the credit card option available to top up and as you know the machine is also not operating to make use of cash. This is putting a huge restriction on us as International students. 

    Could you please advise and alternative or where I can find the debit card option to top up. 

    Thank you. 


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    Thank you Wintec for supporting us. I may be wrong but there should be a refund policy in printing top-up, sometimes we are not sure how much money it will take. In a student life every dollar matters though.
    Thank You

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